A montage crafted by Syl
Orders being taken.  Anchor Inn's food was excellent.  Photo courtesy of Syl.
Val Jean and Sylvia discussing Val Jean's lunch.  Background is Patty Caugherty. Photo courtesy of Syl.
Enjoying a relaxing discussion.  Photo courtesy of Syl.
Above is a collection put together by Classmate Val Jean Cywinski English who drove from Montana Avenue.

Early taken photo of left to right, Nancy Stivers Rogers from Freeport, PA Charles Smith's daughter (Sharon) who drove from Ewing, KY, and Bernice Meso Durand, Butler, PA.

In this photo is Nancy Stivers Rogers and in the background in Charles Calvin Smith.
That is Sharon, Charles Smith's daughter.
Always with a smile is non-other than Charles Calvin Smith.
Okay - pay attention left to right are:  Bernard Rusiewicz of Ridgway, PA, Patricia Caugherty Linden, Tarentum, Lois Mudrunka Ewing, Natrona Heights, Janice Betush Miles, Indiana, PA, Jean Herbulock Sennett, Lower Burrell, Ann Marie Zagst Culleiton and husband Skip Culleiton of Cabot, PA, and our lovely Anchor Inn waitress.
Left to right are: Jane Ann Hughes Byrnes (standing) from Pittsburgh, PA talking to Louis Pisani, Sarver, PA.  Sitting are Patricia Owczykowski Gillette of Natrona Heights.  To Patty's right are Nancy Mechling Johnson and her friend Red of Wexford, PA.  Next to Louie is his wife, Judy.  The lady with the earring is Joan Sini Schmitt, wife of Eddie Schmitt who is around (and I mean a round) somewhere.  Check out the video which captures Joan chewing me out about something I have no clue what she is talking about.  Click here for the video.
The only addition to the group at this table was non other than Sylvester "Syl" Richard Zembrzuski of Natrona Heights. 
Added to the table is Val Jean Cywinski English who dressed for the occasion in Har-Brack green.  Way to go, Val Jean.  Next to Val Jean is the back of the head of Sylvia Napierkowski Kania of Natrona Heights.  Sitting next to Sylvia is Patricia "Patty" Caugherty Linden of Tarentum.  Standing in the background on the left is Patricia Smith Tack of Leechburg, PA.
Left to right is Syl Zembrzuski sitting in the other room, standing was a nice surprise arrival of Kenny Anthony of Calabash, NC.  Standing is Richard "Dick" Aretz of Natrona Heights and sitting in the foreground in Nancy Stivers Rogers, then Charles Smith, then Marilyn Gail Aretz Gilkey and her husband David who drove from Natrona Heights. David was a former "Ken High" graduate and Marilyn and he got together during their senior year but kept their relationship a secret.  Behind Marily is John DiChiera, husband of Patricial Bielek DiChera of New Kensington, PA.
An extension of the table on the right are Patricia Bielek DiChiera from New Kensington, then next to her was Joan Sini Schmitt.  Eddie Schmitt was taking up space between Joannie and Sharon.  Bottom right is Barbara Meso.
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Patricia Smith Tack, Patty Owczykowski, Nancy Mechling Johnson, "Red", Jane Ann Hughes Brynes, Charles Byrnes, Lois Mudrunka Ewing, Janice Betush, Patty Caugherty Linden, Sylvia Napierkowski Kania, Jean Herbulock Sennett.
Ditto and facing are Janice Betush Miles, Jean Herbulock Sennett, Ann Marie Zagst Culleiton, Skip Culleiton, and Syl Zembrzuski. No comments.
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Louie and wife Judy who left early.
Richard "Dick" Aretz and his NEW Trike.