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John P. Wesoloski (1938-2024)






The next 'Get Together' is:

WEDNESDAY, 1:00 PM, 15 MAY 2024


Let Ray know if you plan to attend please RSVP. 

(703) 244-5678 or email: Ray Olszewski.


Information about six of our classmates is missing.


Earl Manning, Carl Metzger, Ishmail Johnson, Ronald Gablick, Daniel Nitowski, Ronald Rzeczkowski.

(if you know anything about them, please contact Ray Olszewski.

NOTE:  The Class Roster is being constantly updated!  Be sure to keep your contact information current by sending it to Ray Olszewski or calling him at (703) 244-5678.  You can request a copy and one will be mailed to you or if convenient by email.


Here is a map of the local area in and around Natrona Heights, PA

that shows where "Local" Har-Brack Classmates of 1957 are known to reside as of 5 Oct 2023.


The Latest "Get Together" Activities - Pictures and Notes


Photos from last Get-Together held 17 April 2024 at The Field House in Cabot, PA.

Those in attendence included: Patty Caugherty Linden, Janice Betush Miles, Lois Mudrunka Ewing, Tina Nitowski Drane, Richard Aretz, Mary Kay Haugh, and Ray Olszewski.



Left to Right: Sylvia Napierkowski Kania, Patty Caugherty Linden, Mary Kay Haugh, Lois Mudrunka Ewing.
Farewell Card
Left to Right: Richard "Dick" Aretz, Janice Betush Miles, and Christina "Tina" Nitkowski Drane.
Sylvia and Janice Saying Goodbye
Janice Betush Miles sharing a painting by her father Gus Betush (


Janice Betush Mills indicated this would be her last Get Together as she is moving the Cary, NC to live in an Over 55 Adult Community which would be nearer in location to her and her husband's daughter.  A farewell card signed by all in attendance was presented to Janice telling her to have a safe trip, enjoy the move and the new diggs and that she is always welcome to come back to PA for a visit.



Dick Aretz proposed a change of venue for our Wednesday, July 19th 2024 Get Together. Dick also suggested a Pizza and soft drinks catered by A & B Pizza of Natrona Heights at one of the pavillions at the Harrison Hills Picnic / Recreation Facility on Route 28 (Freeport) in Natrona Heights.  Plenty of parking and covered sitting area would accomodate those in attendance.  A&B Pizza of Natrona Heights, founded in 1958, would cater a selection of their excellent pizza for the event along with soft drinks. If attending, please let us know no later than Monday 17 July so we can place our order. 


We have heard from two out of staters Har-Brack Classmates from out of state planning on attending in the next few months.  Mary Ann Richards Songer of Dayton, Ohio and Nancy Stivers Rogers of Freeport, OH have both indicated attending a future Get Together.


Obituary files have been updated also with the loss of John Wesoloski of Natrona Heights who passed away on 21 April 2024.  His obituary can by found by clicking here.


Ray now live at Concordia Haven III (https://concordialm.org/) where exciting things can happen everyday.  There are four Har-Brack Class of 1957 graduates that live at Concordia. 


Since my return, 7 mini-reunions or 'get-togethers' have taken place. The first one was on 12 September 2023 at a great restaurant called The Field House located in Cabot, PA.  It was attended by Har-Brack Class of 1955 Graduate, Eugene Capriotti and his lovely 1957 graduate wife, Carole Severin. 


Left to Right: Ray Olszewski (HB '57), Carol Severin (HB '57), Eugene Capriotti (HB '55)


     The second 'get-together' was on 20 September 2023 also at The Field House. In addition to these images, there is also a brief video on Facebook.  Be sure to visit the Facebook Har-Brack 1957 Group.

Gail Baechtel ('57)

Lois Mudrunka ('57)

Ann Marie Zagst ('57)

Left to Right: Gail Baechtel (HB'57), Keenan (Wait Staff), John McCluer (IDK).
Left to Right: Skip Culleiton (IDK), Anne Marie Zagst (HB '57) Culleiton, Lois Mudrunka (HB '57) Ewing.
Picked up Eugene Capriotti (HB '55) on the left of Skip.

Ed Schmitt 1957

Marilyn Aretz ('57)

Joan Sini Schmitt 1958

Picked up Eugene Capriotti (HB '55) again with Ed Schmitt ('57) on the left.

Ed Schmitt again, but he's little Eddie Schmitt in the above image.  Oh yes, that's Cap's hand protecting his drink from Eddie's wanting it.


That's a better shot of Marilyn Aretz with a beautiful smile.

Left to Right:  Marilyn Aretz (HB '57) Gilkey, Carole Severin (HB '57) Capriotti, and She's the boss, Joan Sini (HB ' 58) Schmitt.

Ray Olszewski ('57)

That's Cap again, but this time addressing Joan Sini about Ed and his problem wanting his drink. I heard that Joan fixed Ed back at Concordia when they got home. Get a room you two! You are not in Florida.  Keep it clean while you two are up here... Cabot is a quiet and very nice community.  FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!

The  third was on 18 October 2023


There were 23 of us by my count who attended the 18 October Get Together of the Har-Brack Grads.  Here are some of the many images that I took.  If anyone else has images they are willing to share, please send them to:ROlszewski@aol.com.


To start, the following "opinion" by Har-Brack 1957 grad Ron Raymond was published in the Star Tribute earlier the morning of 18 Oct 2023.


If you can't read the image, copy and go to this link:


That's Mary Kay Haugh ('57)

The Hill's (Patti Broadfoot and William "Wil") of Western PA.

In the background you can see Val Jean Cywinski in a Har-Brack sweat shirt.

Left to right is Louis Papas ('56) and Francis Dobrowolski ('56)

If you have images that you took at the event, please send to me at: ROlszewski@aol.com

Attending '57 Graduates were:

Dick Aretz

Val Jean Cywinski English

Janice Betush Miles

Patricia J. Bielek DiChiera

Patricia Broadfoot and husband Will Hill (Freeport HS Grad)

Patricia Caugherty Linden

Mary Kay Haugh Sedlacek

Christina "Tina" Karwoski Drane

Lois Mudrunka Ewing

Carol "Sis" Norris

Raymond Olszewski

Ronald Raymond

Ed and Joan Sini ('58) Schmitt

Carole Severin and Eugene Capriotti ('55)

Ann Marie Zagst and Charles "Skip" Culleiton (St. Joe's '56)

'Other' Attending Har-Brackers

Francis Dobrowolski, Martha Simmers and Jeannie Simmiers

Louis Papas

(If I missed anyone, let me know)


The Fourth "Get Together" took place at The Field House Restaurant located in Cabot, PA.  Attending were:  Jean Clark ('57) of Sarver, PA, Eugene Capriotti ('55) and Carole Severin ('57) Capriotti of Natrona Heights,  PA, Skip Culleiton (St. Joe's '56) and Ann Marie Zagst Culleiton ('57) of Cabot, PA, Ed Schmitt ('57) and Joan Schmitt ('58) of Cabot, PA, Marilyn Aretz Gilkey ('57) of Cabot, PA, Francis Dobrowolski ('55) and Martha Ann Simmiers Dobrowolski ('55) of Natrona Heights, PA, Lois Mudrunka Ewing ('57) of Natrona Heights, PA, Patricia Linden ('57) of Natrona Heights, PA, Christine (Tina) Karwoski Drane ('57), Marcia Josefoski Kotecki ('57) of Natrona Heights, and Ray Olszewski ('57) of Cabot, PA.


Left to right: Lois Mudrunka Ewing, Patti Caugherty Linden, Martha Simmiers Dobrowolski, and Francis Dobrowolski
Front to back: Jean Clark, Carole Severin Capriotti, Eugene Capriotti, Hostess Pilar, Francis Dobrowolski
Left to right: Skip Culleiton, Ann Marie Zagst Culleiton, Hostess Pilar, Ed Schmitt, Joan Sini Schmitt
Joan Sini Schmitt and Marilyn Aretz Gilkey
Cap or Eugene Capriotti and Ed Schmitt
Pilar our Hostess
Christina "Tina" Korwoski Drane
Ed Schmitt
Marcia Josefoski Kotecki, Jean Clark, Ed Schmitt
Carole Severin Capriotti and Lois Mudrunka Ewing
Francis Dobrowolski, Pilar, Joan Schmitt, Eugene Capriotti
Jean Clark, Marilyn Aretz Gilkey, Francis Dobrowolski


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Marcia Josefoski Kotecki and Martha Ann Simmiers Dobrowsolski
Ed and Joan Schmitt
That's All Folks! Hope to see you at the next one on Wednesday, 15 Dec 2023.


15 Dec 2023 Get-Together
Skip Culleiton, Ed Schmitt, Joan Schmitt, Marcia Josefoski Kotecki
Ann Marie Zagst Culleiton, Skip, Ed.
Lois Mudrunka Ewing, Ann Marie Zagst Culleiton
Mary Kay Haugh
Skip Culleiton, Ed Schmitt, Joan Sini Schmitt
Lois Mudrunka Ewing
The special gift from classmate Syl Zembruzski.

January's Get-together didn't happen due to bad weather...

Photos from the 21 Feb 2024 Get Together!
Joan Sini Schmitt HB 58) and young friend.
Our class cousins, Dick Aretz, and Marilyn Aretz Gilkey.
Patty Broadfoot Hill and husband Will.
Ann Marie Zagst and her famous author husband Charles "Skip" Culleiton.
Lois Mudrunka Ewing and Mary Kay Haugh Sedlacek.
Val Jean Sowinski Wright and her beautiful display of Har-Brack memorabilia.
Joan Sini (HB 58) and the honorable Edwin Schmitt hamming it up!
That's Ronald Raymond and Val Jean Sowinski. Great to see you again, Ron.
Just a shot of one of the tables we took up with our classmates eating up the Field House's great food.
The other table filled with classmates.
Val Jean and Ann Marie yacking it up!
Lois, Mary Kay and Ron Raymond planning to take over.


The Roster reflects the following:


A total of 112 of our classmates are known to be deceased.

Their obituaries that can be found are posted by Clicking here.


Stay well, safe and please stay in touch!

Ray Olszewski - Home Room Representative for life!

Ray's new snail mail address is: 

160 Marwood Road, Apt 3324, Cabot, PA 16023-2250

and phone number is: (703) 244-5678 (Cell).


Har-Brack High School Alma Mater

We sing to Har-Brack our voices raise

To alma mater our tribute and praise.

We will be loyal and ever true

Dear Har-Brack High School we'll always love you.

The green and white will always be

Close to the hearts of you and me.

High in our Standards so firm and true

Dear Har-Brack High School we'll always love you.


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