Ten Top Reasons for Attending Your 55th Reunion
10.  Because you can!
9.  Collect debts from classmates who still owe you money.  If you remember that they do.
8.  Talk about classmates who don't show up.  We did do that!
7.  Tell stories about your wonderful retirement years.
6.  Show off your brag book to include grandchildren and great grandchildren.
5.  A great excuse for not watching the grandchildren or the great grandchildren.
4.  Get to see Ray Olszewski in a Tuxedo, again.  Well, I retired my Tuxedo.
3.  Get to see the old homestead again.  Big changes to the area!
2.  Enjoy talking with those former classmates who actually show up.  Lots of fun! 
1.  Renew old acquaintances, friendships, remembering those special times, and just because you can!


Last Updated: June 10, 2018


Here is the latest information about our 2012 55th Year Reunion.

  • Reunion Coordinator/Chairman was Alice Smith Gordon, 306 E. Eighth Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084
  • (724) 224-6120.
  • Web Master is Ray Olszewski, 4031 Diamond Point, Eagan, MN 55122 (703)244-5678. Email:  Ray is updating an address list of all classmates to include email addresses.  Also, he is using the internet to obtain them and post them.  If you would like a copy of the list, please email Ray at
  • Others on the 2012 Reunion Committee include, Barbara Swartz Romeo, Louis Pisani, and Val Jean Cywinski English.
  • Others?  If you want to volunteer, please contact Alice.

Here is the latest from Alice about arrangements for the Reunion which was discussed at the 4/5/2011 Committee Meeting at Alice's house in Tarentum. 






4:30 PM - All to meet in front of "Old" Har-Brack High, Broadview Boulevard.  Group picture to be taken by Raymond's Studio of Tarentum in front of the building.  (Wear your Har-Brack T-Shirt if you have one.)  Price of Class Reunion Photo is $15.00 each.

5:00 P.M. - We will tour the school under the supervision of a custodian.  Principal - Mr. Mort.  (724) 226-0600.

After the tour we will meet at the Anchor Inn on Freeport Road, Natrona Heights.  The room downstairs has been reserved for us (food and drink at your expense).  Ray recommends their chicken wings - they are more like turkey wings. :)

Raymond's Studio will deliver the photos to the Anchor Inn between 7-8 P.M.  If you do not wish to attend the function at the Anchor Inn, your photo will be taken to the dinner the next evening.




APOLLO, PA 15613

5:00 - 7:00 PM - Social Hour and Dinner

7:00 - 7:45 PM - Mr. Bob Barrage to speak on Birdville, question and answer session to follow.

8:00 - til ??? DJ and Dancing (approximately 3 hours)  Ron Getz $60/hour.

COST of this event is $37.50 per person for dinner payable by check in advance to "Har-Brack 1957"

Buffet Menu


Baked Ham

Roast Beef

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Tossed Salad

Grilled Asparagus

Roasted Red Potatoes

Baked Lasagna


Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea

Cookies donated and baked by Alice Smith Gordon & Barbara Swartz Romeo

Cash Bar from 5:00 to 11:00 P.M.


Any and all fudiciary donations are welcome.  We have received a donation of $100.00 which adds to the class account allowing us to communicate with everyone about the reunion, which includes postage, envelopes, copying, etc.  Oh yes, also a couple of burgers at Eat n' Park. 


So far, we have 117 who have said they plan to attend along with their spouses, significiant others, boy friends, girl friends, new acquaintenances, etc.  If you are brave, then Click here for list of attendees.


Missing Classmates:  There are number of missing classmates. These are noted with an ? marked on the Class of 1957 page of this website.  If you are in touch with any of these classmates, please let us know so that we can let them know about the Reunion.  Please contact Ray Olszewski at or call at (703) 244-5678.  Ray has developed a contact list of our classmates and if you would like a copy, send $1.00 to Alice and you will receive a copy. 

Deceased Classmates:  An effort is underway to document information of our deceased classmates.  This link lists those who have passed away along with their obituaries.If you know of a classmate who has passed away and have or can provide obituary information or at least the date of passing, please contact Ray Olszewski so that he can update the information posted on this site. 

Did you attend Birdville Elementary School?  We would like to hear from you if you attended Birdville Elementary School.  Bob Barrage is writing a history of Birdville School and will be one of the guest speakers at our Sunday night Reunion Dinner.   Bob has created a questionnaire he would like to have filled out and sent to him.  Click here to obtain a copy of the Birdville School Questionnaire.  Bob's address in Natrona Heights is provided in the questionnaire.

Alle-Kiski Valley Historical Society Activities:  If you are a history buff and would like to read more about the valley's history, go to the website.  There are a number of publications that have been authored by local historians.  These books provide fascinating information about the area and are available for purchase through the Historical Society's website. If you are in town, be sure to visit the museum in Tarentum.  It is well worth the visit as it has lots of interesting information and wonderful displays of our past on exhibit there. 

If you have any historical information about our home town or your families history that you would like to share with the Historical Society, you can contact Ray Olszewski for posting here or send directly to the museum in Tarentum.

First Row:  Bernice Meso, Sylvia Napierkowski, Charles Smith, Val Jean Cywinski, Alice Smith, Jean Herbulock, Barbara Swartz.

Second Row:  Geraldine Rzeczkowski, Alice Sydlik, Barbara Anuszek, Patricia Caugherty, Janice Betush, Ray Olszewski

Third Row:  Nancy Stivers, Barbara McCormack, Geraldine Sowinski, Carol Sowinski, Richard Aretz, William Novak, Gerald Johns

Last Row: Robert Hild, Donald Vrotney, LeRoy Redin, Michael Bobeck, Richard Black, Judith Logue, Ishmael Johnson, Raymond Dombroski, Ronald "Wings" Wolfe


It was a blast!  For those who did not make it or chose not to attend, too bad!  You missed a GREAT 55th Year Reunion of the 1957 Class.  Thank you Alice Smith Gordon for all the work you did to make it the success that it was.
On Saturday, 25 August 2012, there were about 40 former class members who attended the excellent presentation given by Skip Cullietin, who happens to be married to classmate Anne Marie Zagst.  Skip is very active in the Alle-Kiski Valley Historical Society and has written and published several books about the area’s history to include the following:
  • Tarentum, Then and Now
  • Remembering the St. Patrick’s Day Flood of 1936 in the Allegheny Kiski Valley
  • Historical Natrona
  • The History of East Deer Township
  • Greetings from the A-K Valley


     The above books can be purchased from the History Museum in Tarentum or by mail.  Go to their website which is:  I have purchased all of them and have found reading them to be very rewarding.  Also, Skip mentioned that donations to the Museum are most welcome!  Should you want to become a member or make a financial donation or a materials donation, contact Dolly Mistrik as follows:

Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society
224 East Seventh Avenue
Tarentum, PA 15084
(724) 224-7666
Skip explained the history of the Museum and its mission which is to receive, preserve and display the area’s wonderful history.  He recognized a number of individuals who were former class members of Har-Brack 1957 class who have contributed to the museum.  They are:  


  • Syl Zembrzuski has contributed photographs of his tour in the Army and the time he was assigned escort duties for Audie Murphy, the movie actor. Some of the photo he donated can be found on the Har-Brack website.  (Click the link provided to take you there.)
  • Sandra Staley, a local singing performer, donated her microphone along with other memorabilia from her career in the area.
  • Ray Olszewski donated his extensive and valuable personal collection of his brother’s miniature art that Robert produced during his time with the the Disney Company, Goebel of Germany, Enesco Distribution, and Harmony Ball.  The Art of Miniatures collection he created and produced during the Goebel Miniatures era and Olszewski Studios which is still producing art today for the Walt Disney Company.


After Skip’s talk, he invited everyone to tour the museum’s two floors where much of the area’s history is on display.  There is quite a display of Har-Brack memorabilia as well to include sports, band, and cheerleader equipment and uniforms.  In the last few years under the direction and guidance of Dolly Mistrik, the museum has expanded and improved the new acquisitions, considerably.  Dolly is assisted by a volunteer who is charged with adding and maintaining the many displays in the Museum and has done a magnificent job.
After the tour, everyone met at the front of the former Har-Brack High School where the class reunion photo was taken by Raymond Photography Studio of Tarentum.  A number of classmates that were not on the museum tour met us there to include Lee Redin and Dick Aretz.  Dick drove up in a tri-bike wearing long hair and no one recognized him until he took his hat off which then came with the long hair.  The gesture brought a lot of laughs. Click here to see the photos.
After the "official" photograph was taken and is shown on the Har-Brack website, Mr. Charles Mort the school’s principal then joined us and took us on an hour long tour of the building.  The school did change somewhat since we've been there.  The tower clock had been removed, and the school now accommodates elementary students attending 7th, 8th, and 9th grades.  We entered the building on the side where we enjoyed looking through the school’s administrative offices where once our beloved Mr. Bazard et al resided.  Metal detectors were visible but were turned off for our tour entrance.  Mr. Mort guided us through the first floor hallways, then we went up and down stairs, before he made us sit in the auditorium, which was previously our Study Hall and Auditorium.  Remember all those marbles that rolled down the slanted floor?  During a gathering in the auditorum, he told us that there are no longer “study halls.”  Mr. Mort indicated that the students are kept very busy with full learning schedules.  After that we went up to the second floor and saw more of the building.  We toured also a Science Class Room, the library, and a very modern work out room.
After the tour, we went to the Anchor Inn in Birdville for drinks, eats, and reminiscing.  There were about 40 of us there.    Pictures taken by Ray Olszewski are posted on the website. 


On Sunday, everyone who signed up for the dinner and evening event began to file into the Willowbrook Country Club at 5:00 pm in Apollo.  Badges that had each attendee's class photograph and individual descriptions on them and the state where they were currently living were handed out along with a ticket for a donated door prize.  Pictures were taken there also and some are posted on the website. 

Each received a copy of the brochure for the event, a copy of which can be found on the website.  Alice Smith Gordon, the Reunion’s Coordinator and her pal and classmate, Barbara Swartz Romeo of Ohio baked a ton of wonderful cookies. The tables were all decorated with beautifully handmade center pieces that had green 1957 with a large green candle surrounded by a hurricane lamp.  The center pieces were then given away as door prizes. 
Louie Pisani was our Master of Ceremonies who did an excellent job telling jokes keeping the classmates entertained.  Ray Olszewski said a few words about the new Class of 1957 website and summarized the number of classmates who had graduated, and the states they were living in or had lived in. Ray reported that we had approximately 223 who graduated in 1957.  Of those, 72 or 31 percent have passed away over the years.  The website has posted 51 obituaries.  There are currently 13 individuals who are missing.  Sixty-Eight of us attended the 2012 Reunion of which 41 were classmates who graduated.  There are 64 classmates that are known to have email addresses which this letter will be sent electronically.
Also recognized were four Har-Brack classmates from other years who attended to include:  Paul McConnville (1955) who is married to 1957 classmate Patty Grabigel, Nancy Burns (1958) who was with Ray Olszewski, and Joan Sini (1958) who is married to 1957 classmate Eddie Schmidt.  There were also other class members who went to Har-Brack and would have graduated but were transferred to another school system.  One in particular was Ron Wolfe who we used to call “Wings.”  It was great seeing him at this reunion. 
Bob Barrage who is a former Har-Bracker as well was our guest speaker for the evening.  Bob is on a very honorable quest to document the history of Birdville School.  He gave an excellent presentation about what he has found to date.  In doing so, he has opened up quite a bit of information about the school system and other related topics of interest. His research found that Birdville School began in the late 1800s.  His research has produced a significant amount of historical reference information obtained from various corporations and the homes of former students.  His presentation was most enjoyable.  If you happen to have any class pictures or information about Birdville School, please send them to Bob.  He will greatly appreciate it and include it in a book he plans to publish in the future.
The class’ roster is now available and if you want a copy, let Ray know and he will send you a copy.  Once you receive it and if there are any changes that need to be made, please send them to Ray at his email address which is: or send him a note to his address:  4031 Diamond Point, Eagan, MN 55122-2838.  You are welcome to call him at: (703) 244-5678 (cell).  The roster contains the entire list of classmates and points out those who are missing and who have passed away.   Who knows, some of them may even be your neighbors and you didn't know it.  Ray found Tom Phillips to live a mile and a half away in Minnesota.  The roster will be used only for communications with classmates. 
Donations were made and greatly appreciated from Roger Buffett $100.00 and Geraldine Sowinski Pinkus ($50.00).  Thank you very much!  Anyone wishing to donate $$, please send to our Reunion Coordinator, Alice Smith Gordon.  Make the checks out to:  Har-Brack Class of 1957 and send to Alice at:  306 E. 8th Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084-1536.
If there are any comments about the reunion, please send them to Ray and they will get posted.
To those who came, Thank You!  I hope to see all of you again at the next reunion.
Har-Brack 1957



Barbara Mc Cormack Signs Guest Book while a Museum Volunteer enjoys the visitors.
Charles "Skip" Cullieton welcomes the Har-Brack Class of 1957
Har-Brack Class of 1957 listens
to Welcome message
Dick Aretz arrives in style!
Dick Aretz and Dick Black enjoy meeting again!
Classmates Bill Novak and Mickey Bobeck enjoy reuniting chat.
Janice Betush carries "mascot" up stair case during tour of school building.
That's Alice Sydlik and Jean Herbulock leading the tour up the stairs.
That's Geri Rzezkowski and Patti Caugherty and a part of Barbara Anuszek making their way up the stairs.
That's Charles Mort, Principal of the School addressing the group in the auditorium.
That's Sylvia Napierkowski and Judith Logue with Ishmael Johnson and Ray Dombroski behind.
Dick Black, Dick Aretz, and Mickey Bobeck enjoying themselves at the Anchor Inn.  Dick Aretz retired after 49 years (yes, 49 years) working for Bouchet Buick.
Taking a tour of the Science Room.
"Wings" Wolfe and Bill Novak enjoying themselves at the 2012 Har-Brack Reunion.
That's Louie Pisani and his main squeeze, Judith Pisani enjoying the evening at the Anchor Inn.
That's Alice Sydlik and Sylvia Napierkowski at the Anchor Inn.
None other than Ray Dombrowski who attended the Anchor Inn Bash.
Wow, another shot of "Wings" Wolfe but with Don Vrotney this time at the School Cafeteria.
Doris Malcolm and Janice Betush at the Willowbrook Country Club in Apollo.
That's Bernice Meso with her main squeeze, Andrew.
Barbara McCormack and her main squeeze George
These two handsome dudes are non other than the husbands of Geri Rzeczkowski and Barbara Anuszek.  Good show, and thanks for coming!
Ann Marie Zagst and Phyllis Valek.
Alice Sydlik and Skip Cullieton
Gerald Rusnak, Dorothy Rusnak, and Geri Rzeczkowski
Jim Murdock
"Wings" Wolfe
Sylvia Napierkowski and Nancy Mechling enjoying a chat with Nancy's squeeze, Red.
Bob Hild and Jean Murray
Henry Glogowski and friend.
Barbara Swartz and her S.O. Eugene Romeo
Louis Pisani doing the Master of Cermony Job.
Don "Diz" Vrotney taking home a prize.

These lovely ladies are 1958 grads Joan Sini Schmidt and Nancy Burns.

Charles Smith, daughter, and Jean Herbulock
Gail Baechtel and her significant other, John Mc Cluer
That's Ray Olszewski and his significant other, Nancy Burns
The special sweet table decoration.
The front of the old Har-Brack High School  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
That's Charles Smith!  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
Paul McConnville and Jim Murdock  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
Alice Smith, Ray Olszewski, Wing's Wolfe, and Don Vrotney  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
Skip Cullieton, Don Vrotney, Not Sure, Not Sure, Not Sure, Anne Marie Zagst Cullieton  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
In the old auditorium! I'm not going to name everyone!  :)  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
At the Anchor Inn!  Bill Novack, Rose Marie Black, Dick Black, Dick Aretz, Mickey Bobeck, and Ray Dombrowski.  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
At the Anchor Inn!  Judith Pisani, Bernice Meso, Nancy Stivers Rodgers, Unknown, Don Vrotney, Unknown.  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
At the Anchor Inn!  That's the Mc Cluer's who traveled from Florida, Mary Kay Haugh Sedlacek, and a 1958 graduate, Donna DeMichele (Mary Lou's sister).  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe
At the Anchor Inn!  Geraldine Rzeczkowski Nowicki, Anne Marie Zagst Cullieton, Barbara Anuszek, Skip Cullieton, Barbara McCormack Eisenhart, Louise Pisani, George Eisenhart, Pisani, unknown.  Picture is Courtesy of Ron Wolfe


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