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     Thank you for visiting.  The purpose of this website is to document the history of the Har-Brack Union High School Class of 1957.  It was constructed by Ray Olszewski, Class of 1957 and is complimentary. This site's "home page" provides many things which I hope you will find useful and interesting.  This is your website and if you find missing information or would like to contribute additional information, please do so by contacting Ray by email at ROlszewski@aol.com

     The website is organized as follows:


  • Welcome! Provides a brief introduction to the information contained in the site.  You are reading it


  • Class of 1957 Photo Gallery. This page provides images of the classmates who graduated in 1957 and are contained in the 1957 Tiger Year Book. The images were scanned directly from the year book, formatted, and labeled with names obtained from both the year book and the "Thirty-Third Commencement Class of 1957" phamplet which was handed out at the June 4, 1957 graduation ceremony at the Har-Brack Campus.  Additional sources such as mailing lists from previous reunions provides a wealth of information about where classmates are or were located.   Work continues using different online sources to identify classmates not identified in the yearbook but had moved away prior to our graduation in 1957. 


Missing Graduates
Graduates who have Passed


  • Class Roster.  Although offered before, I have decided not to publish the class roster by making it available here.  This decision was made to prevent nefarious use of the data it provides on our past and current classmates.  If you want a copy of the roster, please send me an email and I will provide one either electronically (email) or by snail mail (USPS).  The roster provides up-to-date status of our classmates names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.  If there are changes to be made or if you want a copy, please send an email to:  Ray Olszewski at:  ROlszewski@aol.com.
  • Missing ClassmatesClick here to take you to a page dedicated to identifying those classmates who are missing.  The "wanted posters" were provided by fellow classmate Syl Zembrzuski.  If you know where these missing classmates are located, please send their contact information to Ray at:  ROlszewski@aol.com. 
  • Obituaries.  A collection of obituaries and other death notices information has been compiled and can be found by clicking here or go to "Obituaries" link at the bottom of this page.
  • Missing Obituaries.  There are a number of classmate obituaries missing from the archive. A list of them can be found by clicking here.  Should you know where they can be found, notify me as follows:  Ray Olszewski, 160 Marwood Road, Cabot, PA 16023-2250 or by email to: ROlszewski@aol.com.  Or call my cell phone at: (703) 244-5678.


  • Sign-Up to receive periodic announcements. This is an automated email management system that facilitates the capture and management of your contact information.  Keeping it up to date allows for making contact with you about our future classmates and reunions as well as addition of historical information. 
  • As mentioned on the Home Page, we are having "get togethers" the third Wednesday of each month at The Field House Restaurant located in Cabot, PA (about 10 miles from Natrona Heights).

Again, thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the next Class Reunion. I doubt that we will ever have another Reunion.


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